Cat6a Plenum and Cat6a Riser Prices and Specifications: Explained

Cat6a plenum and Cat6a Riser cables are the two basic types of the 1000ft Cat6a Cable. These cables are known for their unmatched quality, performance, and everlasting characteristics.

Wherever a Cat6a cable 1000ft is installed, either of these two cables is used. Depending on the type of installation, the cable is decided. For indoor horizontal runs, the plenum cable is installed. For vertical runs such as inside walls, between floors, inside elevator shafts, etc. the Riser Cable is used.

Now the prices of both cables are different because both are made from different materials. The Cat6a Plenum cable is more expensive compared to the riser counterpart. But because of cable shielding and conductor type, sometimes the riser Cat6a cable could cost more.

The prices of the cables also vary depending on the manufacturer. But ‌ prices of 1000ft Cat6a plenum and riser cables range between $200 to $300.

Let’s look into the specifications and prices of the 1000ft Cat6a cable in more detail.

Cat6a Plenum Specifications

The main highlight of the Cat6a plenum cable is its jacket. It is a communications multipurpose plenum jacket that is fire resistant and does not emit toxic smoke from fire hazards.

You might have heard this many times before about plenum jackets that they are the top-of-the-line materials used to make jackets indoors. In indoor horizontal runs, the cable is easy to install and safe as well.

It is made from LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogens) materials that neither burn nor emit toxic smoke.

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Because these jackets do not emit toxic smoke, these cables can be installed in indoor open spaces such as in dropped ceilings, raised floors, or in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) ducts.

The Cat6a plenum cable can also be installed outdoors. It is an all-weather cable with a highly durable jacket and protection mechanisms in place to protect it from harsh and uncertain outdoor environments.

Cat6a Riser Specifications

The CMR-rated jacket of the 1000ft Cat6a riser is its major highlight. It is made from FEP materials, known as fluorinated ethylene polymers. These materials are also highly resistant to heat, the overall cable is coated with fire-retardant material.

The 1000ft cat6a riser cable is a long-lasting solution for indoor vertical spaces. For instance, in spaces such as walls, between floors, and such kinds of vertically rising spaces, the cable is installed.

Before the 1000ft Cat6a riser cable is rolled out, it is tested for vertical fire safety. And it has to pass the test before it has to be shipped to your doorsteps. This is an important specification and you should always make sure that the cable you are buying has passed this test.

Cat6a Cable 1000ft: Important Specs

Other than the plenum and riser jackets, the 1000ft Cat6a cable has two other important specifications. That is shielding and the nature of the conductor.

Shielding is an aluminum foil or a wire mesh, or both, wrapped around the cable conductors to keep the EMI and crosstalk at a minimum.

The shielding absorbs or reflects the interference coming from other cables in the network. Shielding ensures better performance and high integrity of the signal.


Also pertinent to mention here is the fact that shielded Cat6a cables are more costly because of their additional feature. But it is needless to say that this additional cost pays off in the long run.

Another important specification of the 1000ft Cat6a plenum cable is the type of conductor: solid and stranded. The Solid conductor is easy to install outdoors and is better at keeping the signal integrity intact at long distances. Whereas the stranded conductors are better for indoor use. They are also easier to install in indoor tricky runs because the stranded cables are more flexible due to the nature of their design.

Note that the stranded and solid conductors do not have much of an impact on the price of the Cat6a cable. However, they are important to consider when buying the cable.

Cat6a Plenum Price:

Cat6a plenum cable costs more than the riser. This is because the materials it is made from are fairly expensive. Moreover, this cable is rated and perfectly safe for installation in any space. Be it indoor, outdoor, or underground.

You can even use it in indoor riser spaces. These specifications understandably make the cable a little more expensive than the riser. But for the value it provides, it is an affordable Cat6a ethernet cable.

Cat6a Riser Price:

The riser-rated Cat6a cable costs relatively less than the plenum. However, a shielded Cat6a Riser could cost more than an unshielded Cat6a plenum. This also depends on the manufacturer.

For instance, the riser cable from one manufacturer could come at the price of the plenum cable from another manufacturer. So be sure to check what the riser cable has to offer before buying.

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In general, however, the riser-rated Cat6a bare copper cable should not cost more than the plenum.

Bottom line

When produced and tested innovatively, the 1000ft Cat6a cable can cost significantly less. But in any case, the Cat6a plenum cable costs more than the Cat6 riser. However, a shielded Cat6a riser cable can cost more than the unshielded Cat6a plenum in a select few cases.


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