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Bulk pinging tool

Webmasters frequently utilize the Megritools ping website tool to submit their sites to search engines. Bulk Pinging tool to your website’s URLs to search engines is critical in many circumstances. It enables you to rapidly submit your website to Google. Google or any other search engine cannot detect modifications or upgrades you have made to your website. As a result, this step is critical. This not only applies to changes but a new URL or web page may also be pinged for Google to update the database. Search engines generally spend time recognizing and indexing your material without pinging it. For example, suppose you wrote an article and updated it in your link but did not submit it to google. What can happen now? It can be stolen by someone else before Google finds it, and he or she may post it as their original material and have Google crawl it. So, where does this leave you? If you try to ping it later, your work will be flagged as plagiarised. So ping your material or fresh URLs since it’s critical.

100% Free: Our ping urls tool includes all premium features and allows you to submit an infinite number of websites.

125+ Engines of Search: With a single click, we submit the URL to the google tool that submits your website to Google and 125 other search engines.


Bulk Submission: Bulk ping sites allow you to submit up to ten URLs simultaneously to search engines. 

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Don’t wait for search engines to notice modifications to your website. You must publish your online web pages to Google, Bing, and Yahoo as soon as possible. The following are some reasons you should Google ping blog urls as soon as possible.

  • To index your fresh material as soon as possible, before someone else takes it and uses it on another website.
  • Why wait when new material increases your search engine ranking?
  • This application can send 1250 (10×125) ping url queries at once, saving you a lot of time.

What is the significance of crawling and indexing?

Crawling and indexing is Google’s method of saying hello. This implies that once you’re in Google’s database, you’ll start appearing in search engine results. You can get paid through Adsense if your material is of high quality and you meet the common criteria of a good website. However, all of this is only feasible if you appear on Google’s search engine. And indexing is the only way to have your website listed on Google’s search engine..

How to use Google indexer Tool:

Megri tools Google Index Tool may greatly assist you in this regard. Simply copy/paste the URLs and hit the ping blog button to have them instantly pinged. This internet ping tool may simultaneously send up to 1250 (125*10) queries. Because this program is so simple to use, it saves you a lot of time. You may also paste up to ten URLs at once.


How Url bulk Pinging Tool Works:

This tool will get URLs one at a time and then ping those links to the 125+ search engines. The URL’s title is utilized as the name of the ping URL tool .

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Ping backlinks: How do they assist with Google rankings?

If you get a quality backlink from a high authority domain, you should first publish that webpage to search engines. Pinging backlinks are also useful when a certain webpage is not indexed by Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

After submitting a URL for indexation in Google ping tool , you can use our Google indexed pages checker tool to see if that specific content is listed in search engines. Please keep in mind that Google might take up to 48 hours to add new URLs to its database.

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