Best Tips To Take Care Of Your Cricket Bat


Cricket is a sport that keeps you at the edge of your seat until the last ball is bowled. It is even exciting to be on the pitch playing your way through the game’s intricacies. There’s something about the sound of the cricket bat hitting the ball that keeps us hooked to the game till the end. Cricket is widely accepted all over the world mainly because of its accessibility and easy equipment requirements. 


Cricket bats are the only piece of equipment you need to play the game of cricket. They are a piece of sports art made and crafted from the finest willow. Every cricket bat has specific properties and applications which make them unique. 

The best types of cricket bats made are English willow and Kashmir willow. They are grouped based on the quality of the willow and how they are manufactured. 


How To Keep The Cricket Bat In A Great Condition 

Cricket bats are mainly made from English willow, Kashmir willow, or alternate types of willow. This requires tremendous preparation, which makes them sophisticated pieces of sports equipment. The method of making the cricket bat allows them to strike the cricket ball without losing power and to continue the drive. 


It is essential to take good care of your cricket bat so that it lasts through multiple games and seasons. To keep the cricket bat in top shape, there are a few steps to ensure that your bat is in top condition. The cricket bat has to be in top form to hit the ball coming at you at lethal speeds. The best way to achieve this strength is to take care of the cricket bat and use tape on the bat’s surface. 

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The steps in keeping the cricket bat in great shape are 

  • Oiling 

Oiling a cricket bat helps to prepare the bat to defend the ball at high speeds. They help attain better performance during the game. One easy method is by oiling and knocking the bat for conditioning. This increases the cricket bat’s durability and strength. The polished finish in the best cricket bat is due to proper oiling. 

The best oil for cricket bats used is linseed oil. Raw linseed oil is applied to the bat’s face, toes and edges of the bat to give a smooth finish. At least seven coats of oil are generally used for the best performance and durability. Apply one teaspoon of oil with the help of a piece of soft cloth on the surface of the bat. Place the bat horizontal and ensure every part of the bat is coated well. 

  • Knocking 

Knocking a cricket bat helps to compress the willow it is made of. This compression strengthens the fibres and helps in optimal power transfer from the body to the bat. Knocking is usually done with mallets that are made especially for this reason. 

  • Bat covers 

This comes after the game when the cricket bat has been maxed out, and you have to ensure that the bat is covered to avoid moisture hitting the bat. You can use kit bags to protect the bat and keep it safe from the elements. This adds that extra layer of security and protection to your precious cricket bat. 

  • Cricket bat grips 
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The handle of the cricket bat plays a significant role in extending the life of the cricket bat. It is the handle grip that has direct contact with the hand, which is why they have to be in top shape to execute the shot correctly. The handle also happens to be one of the weakest parts of the bat, which is why they are protected with bat grips to extend its life. Some batsmen like more than one grip on the bat for better grip and longevity. This is an easy way to increase the life of the bat. 


How To Repair Minor Cracks And Chipping In Cricket Bats

Chipping of the cricket bat during a game is common, and there are some clever hacks used by the pros in the sport to keep the cricket bat in top shape. 

  • Using super glue to fill the gaps in the bat surface fixes the cracks in the bat.
  • Sandpaper can then be used to smoothen the bat surface. This helps to remove the extra wood that’s holding onto the surface. 
  • Add tape to the fixed area to protect it from further blemishes and imperfections. This, to an extent, will prolong the life of the cricket bat to last longer. 


Cricket bats are exciting and more sophisticated pieces of sports equipment than what meets the eye. The amount of precision and detail that goes into the making of each cricket bat helps you to take out your best game on the pitch with confidence. This is why it is paramount to take your time, understand the cricket bat and invest time to take care of the cricket bat for the best performance. 


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