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With more than ten years of expertise in delivering high-quality international education, TIPS has established itself as India’s leading global institution. We have adapted to the constantly changing environment and shaped ourselves to provide a first-rate education to the diverse group of kids enrolled with us, making us one of the Best IGCSE & Best CBSE Schools in Coimbatore.

You can feel the spirit of brotherhood and family that permeates all we do when you visit our campus. Our committed administrative and instructional personnel guarantees a smooth transition of the kids into active learners. Every child receives the best start possible because of our dynamic and flexible teaching and learning environment. By providing rigorous, comprehensive, and balanced International Baccalaureate and Cambridge curriculum programs, we help the kids become engaged learners.

1. Senior Leadership Group

Professionals from several spheres of life with exposure to the international market and industry relations serve as the senior management and founders’ representatives. The management group, which includes the founders, is highly skilled and has a wealth of knowledge in education.

Since the first international school opened its doors in 2006, the team has been working with a broad range of experience and a laser-like concentration on delivering high-quality education locally. They are passionate and eager to make a real impact in the lives of kids by providing top-notch, affordable foreign education.

2. The management team for academics and administration

The Head of the School, who has operational control over the school’s daily operations, oversees the senior leadership team at each TIPS school. Additional assistance is provided to the Heads by corporate-level services in finance, information technology, accreditation/authorization, professional development, hiring, and marketing.

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This knowledge enables TIPS Heads to concentrate on managing their Schools while also taking advantage of innovation and best practices from around the organization. To ensure that curriculum articulation, planning and review, instructional standards, and assessment are methodically carried out, principals, coordinators, and academic leaders provide regular meetings.

3. The Academic Staff

Our schools serve as learning environments for both professors and students. Each employee is strongly encouraged to pursue further education, whether it be through graduate studies or attendance at conferences for educators.

Most TIPS teaching staff members hold master’s and bachelor’s degrees in education in their respective fields of expertise. We select teachers based on their prior years of experience both in Coimbatore and overseas, but their enthusiasm for teaching and learning is the most crucial factor. Mentors are assigned to new instructors to help them learn the CBSE instruction technique.

4.  Teachers’ Professional Development

Since teachers are a school’s most valuable resource, ensuring they continue their education will yield the most return. It is a regular and ongoing effort to train teachers. The School, along with the other TIPS group schools, performs a comprehensive investigation to pinpoint the precise training requirements for its instructors.

Our campus offers the CBSE, CIE-IGCSE, and IBDP international curricula. To meet their needs, we have specialized training. Twice a year, this specialist training is held. Before starting their journey as TIPS facilitators, all teachers go through rigorous training for teaching and learning.

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5.  The Attendants

The obligation for supplying the ideal environment for learning and living falls on a team of caregivers that also includes the hostel residential team, medical staff, tutors, drivers, ayahs, catering staff, maintenance employees, and security staff.

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Their constant support is the foundation for the organization’s efficient operation. The school takes its responsibility to protect the safety and security of its pupils seriously from the moment students enter the building. Our security crew keeps a 24-hour monitor around the campus.

A sick bay with trained nurses on staff guarantees prompt medical attention. All youngsters are fed well and met their needs by the canteen workers. All of these community members make sure that students are always looked after and supervised. Every person’s input is recognized at TIPS, and each helps make our institution a center for superior learning.

Conclusion :

CVM Coimbatore TIPS, we adhere to a child-centered philosophy that encourages original thought and continuous learning.

As our students advance in their academic careers, our educators are committed to promoting them to set the highest standards in their pursuits. We try to fulfill every parent’s educational wish through collaborative relationships with parents.

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