Beneficial Woods in India – Know their Benefits and Productivity

To increase the farmers’ income, the government is bringing many schemes. Farmers are getting benefits through these schemes. Along with the government effort, the farmers should also focus on increasing their income. For this, farmers must cultivate those crops with high market demand, and more profit can be earned. Along with earning goods from crops, some trees can make you rich. After planting these trees, you will earn lakhs of rupees.

It will not be a surprise if they are called trees that rain money. Also, today, we are telling you about those 5 trees, which will give you a profit of lakhs of rupees on planting, and you will become rich quickly. Moreover, for planting to harvesting tractors are used and Eicher 380 tractor model is best for accomplishing every task. Due to its robust features this tractor is demanding. 

Sandalwood Tree

You can earn a lot of money if you plant sandalwood trees in your field. The market demand for sandalwood remains constant, and perfumes are also made from it. Apart from this, its flavour is also added to many products. Given its market demand, growing it can be a bargain of profit for the farmers. The wood of this tree is costly. According to this, farmers can earn a lot of money from this. Now talk about its production, about 15 to 20 kg of wood can be obtained from a single sandalwood tree. Also, this tree is amazing and beneficial for its farming. It requires the best tractor model. That’s why farmers prefer the Eicher 485 tractor model for every farming task. 

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Teak Trees

Teak wood is also very expensive. Farmers can profit by planting teak trees during this monsoon season. One crore rupees can be achieved by cultivating teak in one acre. Teak is one of the expensive woods. It is used to make furniture and ply. Since it has been durable for a long time, its market demand is relatively high. The biggest thing is that the risk in its cultivation is significantly less, and the profit is good. Now talk about earning from this tree. In such a situation, farmers can earn more by cultivating it in one acre.

Pomegranate Tree

It is the second tree grown for wood after teak. It is also known as Khemer, Gamhar, Kumbhari and Sivan in the local language. This tree is found in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, India. Also, its cultivation is excellent in sandy, loamy land. Its wood is used for timber. Toys, agricultural implements and furniture are made from its wood. 

Its leaves are used to make medicine. It is instrumental in getting relief from problems like ulcers. In addition, this is a very fast-growing tree. In areas with moderate rainfall, it can be planted on hills, farm bunds, and rough land. Planting it along with cultivating fruits increases the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil. Given its characteristics, it is a beneficial tree in many ways. Now talk about earning from this tree, then a total of one crore can be acquired from its trees planted in one acre. 

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White Tree

There is a massive demand for a whitewash in the market. Safed is also called Eucalyptus. The unique thing about its cultivation is that it requires the most amount of water, and the adverse weather does not affect it. It can be cultivated in all types of climates. This is a fast-growing tree. Moreover, farmers can earn excellent profit from its cultivation. Its wood is used to make furniture, fuel and paper pulp. 

Mahogany Tree

The wood of this tree is also in great demand in the market. Its wood is used to make furniture. Its wood is red and brown. It is not affected by water. In this way, it is pretty durable. Along with wood, a good amount of income can also be earned by selling its seeds. Its seeds are used medicinally. At the same time, manure is prepared from its leaves. 

In this way, this tree’s origin to the leaves is essential. Its fruits and leaves make medicines for cancer, blood pressure, asthma, cold, diabetes and other diseases. Now talk about earning from this tree, then a lot of money can also be reached from its tree. If seen in this way, farmers can earn lakhs of rupees by planting this tree.

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