AudioTechnica ATH-GDL3 gaming headset review: Open-world gaming

Video games are not just about getting sick noscopes. They also have a unique way of telling stories. Gamers expect great single-player experiences that are immersive and offer great gameplay. The soundtrack is a big part of this. audiotechnica open ear headphones ATH-GDL3 is an open-back gaming headset that delivers immersive audio. It has a stunning soundstage and crystal clear reproduction.

Perfect packaging

Before we move on to the performance of ATH-GDL3, let me briefly discuss the packaging. The box is beautiful thanks to the Japanese-inspired artwork that wraps around the right and onto the rear. Everything except for the pair of plastic cord bags are made of cardboard or papers. Audio-Technica has done a great job with sustainable packaging. However, I doubt that I will toss this beautiful box.

Lightweight and clean

Unfortunately, the artwork on the box does not extend to the headphones. However, they are still beautiful cans. We were sent the “white” version to test. It’s simple and only features three colors: silver, black, and white. These are great for a desk or computer setup that favors the white aesthetic. They also look great with the PlayStation 5. The headphones’ white parts are made from plastic. The black on the headband and silver feel like aluminum. Plastic is used for the black grille that covers the headphones’ exposed backs. The included 3.5mm headphone cable is approximately 1.2 meters long (about 4 feet) and feels great. Audio-Technica also offers a 3-meter cable (just shy 10 feet) that connects to PCs with a dual 3.5mm split design.
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Comfortable design

The ATH-GDL3’s lightweight design and open-back design are a major selling point. These headphones are extremely light, and I felt no discomfort. The earcup padding is perfect and the headband sits very comfortably on my head. I didn’t feel any pressure. However, I was not a fan of the material Audio-Technica used for the earcups. This had an impact on the length of time I was able to wear them comfortably. Leather-like earphone cups are more comfortable on my head than those made of fabric. Audio-Technica used a fabric earcup. This means that the ATH-GDL3 began to feel warm on the top of my head despite the open-back design’s airflow. This resulted in me finding that I could only wear these cans for about three hours. This is an individual preference and might not be shared by everyone. Some of my friends like the fabric earcups. Audio-Technica does not offer a second cup option and instructions for how to change them aren’t very clear.

Both parties will enjoy a great audio experience

The ATH-GDL3 open-back headphones trade a deep, resonant bottom for a large soundstage and clarity. These headphones can be used to hear every note of music and every detail in a game world. Both traditional music and video game scores have a clarity that is rare in gaming headphones.

Our take

Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 headphones are designed for gamers who love clear music. Although some might find the sound quality a little too clinical, I found it to be very enjoyable. This is especially true when I am playing competitive first-person shooters and need to hear every cue to react to changes on the battlefield.
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These headphones are really great for $129. They are also great for music and gaming, even if you don’t play any games.

What will their lifespan be?

Audio-Technica offers a 2-year limited warranty. However, there aren’t many things that could go wrong with the ATH-GDL3. The odds are good that they will work for 10 years if they work the first time. This is due to the simple design and the well-made parts.

Do you need to buy them?

Yes. Yes. The ATH-GDL3 has outstanding clarity and accuracy across lows, middles and highs. It is lightweight and simple to use.

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