An overview about the process of fibreglass insulation

An investment in an energy efficient module is something that you need to consider. With winter fast approaching, the thought of insulation is something that may be at the back of your mind. Among the various forms of insulation fibre glass thermal insulation products manufacturers are sought out on the demand front. It is known to insulate your coatings, basements, ceilings and the entire home. But the question is are they really worth of your time and effort.

More about fibreglass insulation

Fibreglass turns out to be an insulation material that is formulated from glass. But it can be put to be use in the manufacturing of various products that includes automobiles. Being an insulator fibreglass is known to trap air and slow the process of heat transfer.

Though in some of the cases fibreglass is available in a blanket form referred to as batts. It is also available in the form of a loss fill. They tend to be available in various forms of thickness, which is going to determine the degree of resistance to the heat flow. This heat would be measured in the from of a R value that would range from R 11 to R 19 for walls and for ceiling and attics it can touch R 30.

According to fibreglass insulation products manufacturers the cost would vary based on the location, the amount of labour that is necessary and other factors taken into consideration. Though the average cost tends to range based on a series of parameters. Unlike the home improvement projects, fibreglass insulation is not that difficult. Some of the homeowners are known to take up the project at their own end. But be aware that poor installation is one of the major issues with fibreglass insulation. Still, you can expect a reasonable amount when it comes to fibreglass insulation.

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The positives of fibreglass insulation

As discussed, earlier fibreglass insulation is simple and easy to install, more so if you are working with professionals. It happens to be one of the affordable ways of insulating your home and this is the main reason for its popularity. There are numerous advantages of insulating your home with a fibre glass.

Firstly, it is available in pre- cut panels or loose fill that makes it flexible from an installation point of view. The flexibility of it tends to make it a favourable option when you compare it to similar insulation materials like a spray foam.

On an average fibre glass insulation can help to reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 50 % to 60 %. Not only it is about energy savings it helps in reduction of noise. Though it is known to have a satisfactory R value, if you do not install it professionally it is going to lose its value over a period of time. Even it tends to be fire retardant that goes on to pose no form of a fire hazard. It leads to enhancement of safety levels.

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