5 Worst Pet Birds for Apartment Living

People who live in apartment buildings and other houses near to neighbors understand that sounds can be transferred between units.   If you’re in this scenario and your desire is adopt the animal as a pet you should avoid species that are known for their noisy or frequent sounding. Apart from being loud, they are too big to be able to comfortably live in an apartment with a small area. Here are eight species that aren’t ideal for apartments.


Macaws are extremely intelligent and entertaining parrots but they emit an ear-piercing sound that can be heard from a miles away when they shout in full volume. Virginia BirdsThey usually have vocal apex at sunset and sunrise. This is a time when most people would rather be in peace and peace and quiet. These are also some of the biggest pets and require spacious enclosures, and the space to play outside of cage.

Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots are social and friendly, however they can be difficult to maintain in tight space. Along with their loud shouts and chatter, Amazons need ample room to play. They also are prone to becoming destructive when they are unappreciated or neglected. This can cause damage to property for tenants.


Cockatoos are usually very friendly birds, but they can be extremely loud with shouts that can be heard through the walls with the greatest soundproofing. Even when they’re not making noises, the cockatoos may cause headaches due to their usual level of chatter. They prefer being with caregivers whenever they can and can express their anger when they are left on their own.

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African Grey Parrot

Wild, African grey parrots reside in forested areas , where they need loud sounds their communication. They won’t be able to keep their voice down because they’re living in an apartment, as opposed to their natural habitat. In addition, as they’re one of the most sophisticated birds that they are, they need plenty of entertainment and interaction to keep them occupied. In the absence of that, they could scream their frustration or even commit a crime.


Even though they’re small-sized birds they can produce loud screams that can be heard from miles away, creating problems for the caretaker and neighbors. Conures are alson’t too shy to speak up when they’re angry or their demands aren’t being met. Conures are also active and athletic birds who require plenty of space to play outside of the cage.


Eclectus parrots are usually social birds and require a lot of time with their caregivers. Many people find them to be a bit quiet, especially when compared with other large parrots. MISSOURI BIRDS However, they do possess a distinctive honk, which can be quite high and arousing. They are also active birds that require an ample bird-safe area to exercise.


Lorikeets are famous for their playful nature, and they are social animals. However, they can be messy because of their diet of liquids which can cause harm to the rental. Many people cover their bird’s nests with plastic sheeting to safeguard the flooring and walls. In addition, the birds’ loud calls could cause annoyance to neighbors who are close by.

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