5 Best Korean Wolf Cut Hairstyles You Should Attempt in 2022

korean wolf cut

The shifting fashions in korean wolf cut over the years are amusing to observe. Being straight, sleek, and shining will be the norm in a single year. Next, textured layers with lots of striations are in. The Korean wolf cut female is a new TikTok hair trend that has taken the Internet by storm.


The Best Korean wolf cut brings to mind the shag of the ’70s and the emo/scene movement. It’s a cut with plenty of layers and texture, resembling a wild animal’s tangled mane.


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Is it time for you to give the wolf cut Korean a try? Or should you just let the Billie Eilishes of the world take advantage of this TikTok craze? What follows is a visual tutorial that will provide you all the information you need to know about this fashionable look.


The Korean Wolf Cut: What Is It?


The Korean wolf cut is a type of tapered haircut distinguished by short, jagged layers that begin at the crown and develop longer toward the ends. It combines characteristics of the mullet of the ’70s with those of the jagged emo/scene cuts of the ’00s.


While there is a wide range of wolf cut female (short to long, wavy to straight, curly to straight, etc.), stylists generally agree on the following characteristics as essential to the look:


  • Root and crown lift with a tonne of volume
  • A multitude of thin, short layers.
  • A framed face by a curtain or harsh bangs


The end result is something resembling a combination of Farrah Fawcett and Elvira. Although this may seem like an odd pairing, it actually works rather well and is flattering for a wide variety of face shapes.

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A skilled stylist may customize a Korean wolf haircut to complement your features and personal taste by altering the cut’s overall length and the layers’ height.


Different Hairstyles: Wolf Cuts and Mullets


The wolf cut is not the same as the mullet. Short, heavily layered hair in the front is a common trait between the two, but the way the layers are cut makes a huge difference between the two styles. When compared to a mullet, the wolf cut woman is more like to a shag.


Unlike other mullets, the wolfcut hair female has short layers and blunt or curtain bangs at the front to frame the face.


The Traditional girl wolf cut hairstyle. This is the traditiona lKorean wolf cut: shoulder-grazing length, choppy layers, a beautiful curtain bang, and lots of texturized volume on top. This wild, tousled look is so effortless and cool.


Beardless Wolf Cutter


This shoulder-grazing cut has been tapered at the ends to emphasise the lofty top. The finished look is a nice take on the tousled, textured ’90s trend without going completely rogue.


Modern Korean Wolf Haircut


An intriguing perspective on the current trend is as follows. A sleek and modern take on the Korean wolf cut female in Philippines! You may wear your hair straight like this every time you don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of undone waves or curls.


Use a flat iron (with heat protectant, of course) to smooth out your layers, and then twist the ends under for this chic style.


Wolf’s Cut, Curly


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The wolf cut is visually distinct from other hairstyles due to its emphasis on the hair’s natural, intense curl. A “the larger, the better” mentality may find their ringlets at home in this style’s ultra-short layers and bangs.


Sloppy Wolf Stitching


This take on the wolf cut is distinguished by its full bangs, lengthier parts that frame the face, and numerous jagged layers. Make your crown as full as the model’s by teasing the hair at the roots and brushing it forward.


A Wolf With a Coily Cut


Coily hair is perfect for the tapered wolf cut since it naturally holds its shape. For a finished look, frame your face with some short bangs.


Would You Benefit from Getting a Wolf Cut female?


It’s no secret that the wolf cut female is all the rage at the moment due to its daring and modern aesthetic, but you may be wondering if it’s the best choice for you. You need to examine the question from several perspectives before deciding whether or not to get one for yourself. Check out these things to think about before you start rocking the style:


Keeping the Korean wolf cut looking good takes effort every day; are you ready for the challenge? This haircut might get boring quickly because it needs everyday styling to achieve the desired look if you weren’t born with natural texture, body, and volume. This style won’t have the signature the best Korean wolf cut look without some serious heat styling, as the jagged layers prevent it from doing so naturally. This style will lie flat with layers jutting out at strange angles if you don’t use hot tools to create waves, curls, or body. Your hair’s appearance depends on your willingness to make every effort.


Think about the look you want to go for. Some people with naturally textured hair, such as waves or curls, can get away with air-drying their hair after this style. Most of us, however, will need to style it in order to achieve the desired effect, so it’s important to consider how you’ll do so before making any permanent changes to your hair. The use of a heat protectant spray and a quality hair serum or mousse are prerequisites for successful styling. Clamping the roots with a flat iron will provide volume, and the resulting heat will allow you to style your hair into soft, textured waves from root to tip. Selective parts can be lifted and sprayed with a volumizing product or texturizing powder can be sprinkled into the roots to provide volume.

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The final result depends on your hair’s natural texture and style. You can get a good sense of how a wolf cut will look on you after studying a few examples online. But have you considered the kind and texture of your hair? If your hair is extremely curly or coily, a wolf cut might not look as good as it would on someone with fine, straight hair or dense, beachy waves. If you want to see how the wolf cut will look on your hair, it’s a good idea to research how it looks on other people with different hair textures.


You can adjust the fit to your face for a more attractive appearance. If you make the appropriate modifications, wolf cuts may flatter faces of any shape and size. Oval faces can pull off any variation of the cut, square faces should go for wispier layers to soften the strong jawline, and heart-shaped faces should focus on creating volume with shorter layers on top to make a face appear more oval.

Fashions change with time. Is a wolf cut really what you want? Getting a wolf cut can be more of a commitment than you realise, despite the old hair saying “it grows back.” The extremely short layers that were cut into the hair would cause the hair to grow out in many different directions. Once you get tired of the wolf cut and its many uneven layers, you may decide that short hair suits you better.


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